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فضيحة ملكية: صور عارية لشقيق أميرة بريطانيا الجديدة كيت ميدلتون

Kate Middleton has been British royalty for just five days -- and already the scandals have begun! While the new Duchess of Cambridge has been the model of decorum, her brother James apparently went through a phase of posing for naughty pictures. And a few of those cheeky (in more ways than one) photos are now all over the Internet.
James, a college dropout and entrepreneur, has a reputation as the "wild child" of the well-to-do Middleton family. In the scandalous photos, the 23-year-old socialite flashes his (admittedly cute) butt at the camera, lounges around semi-naked, and goofs off -- in an oversexed-frat-boy kind of way -- with a group of male friends. In one picture, he wears a French maid costume. The photos are embarrassing, no doubt, but also a bit silly -- like they were taken on a drunken dare.
The Queen Mother, however, is not exactly renowned for her sense of humor. The Windsors are extremely sensitive to anything that could embarrass the royal family. So what was Prince William's new brother-in-law thinking? Friends tell Us Weekly that he wasn't thinking -- he was just being a teenager.
"Most of the photos were from his first year at university," explains the source. "You know how it gets, a lot of silly parties and a lot of alcohol. He's grown up a lot since then and would never behave like this now. He's a good guy. Party days are well behind him."
The friend assures the magazine that the youngest Middleton sibling is wincing right now. "These photos were not for the public, they were on his private Facebook profile and someone managed to get in and take them," the insider says. "He'd rather they weren't out there."
As icing on the post-wedding scandal cake, a less-than-regal photo of Kate's sister and maid of honor, Pippa, also hit the Internet Wednesday, showing the 27-year-old clad in a bra and dirty dancing with an unidentified male. It's a pretty chaste photo by most standards -- unless, of course, your sister just married the Prince of Wales.
So let this be a lesson to all of us, royalty or no: Be careful what you put on your Facebook account or anywhere else on the Internet! Even your "private" photos can come back to haunt you -- no butts about it.

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